1. We know we’ve been pretty quiet for awhile, but ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR (and the film’s fearless leader, Xan Aranda) is making some pretty cool moves.


  2. See you Thursday, Orange County?

    We hope so!  ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR and Xan Aranda are both headed to the Orange County Museum of Art on April 4th.

  3. The result …. is a compilation of rich colors, beautiful transitions, clean framing and lines, with physical shots you can feel. ‘It’s about mood, tone, color’, says Aranda. ‘The more you scale it up, the more at risk you are,’ says Aranda, who claims,“all my projects are about being on the frontier”

    Thanks so much to Roxana Vosough and the Moderne Day Filmmaker for their excellent profile on director / producer, Xan Aranda.


  4. San Diego Screening + Q&A

    Join director Xan Aranda on Closing Night of the Frequency Film Festival in San Diego on April 6th!

    ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR on the big screen followed by a Q&A!



    This afternoon, our blog went under an appearance renovation (or rather, Team-Fever Year drank a lot of coffee and finally figured out how to work the internet).  Go look!

  6. Have you seen ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR yet?  Check out the website for up to date info on all our screenings.

  7. Poster from the great Sonnenzimmer


  8. "It’s like a big musical hot tub," [Xan Aranda] says, "and who wouldn’t want to get into a big musical hot tub with Andrew Bird?"

  9. Orange County

    Join director / producer Xan Aranda on April 4th at the rare screening event of ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR at the Orange County Museum of Art.  Click here for all the info.

    If you haven’t yet, be sure to catch it while it’s here!


  10. North Carolina

    We’re so excited to announce that Andrew Bird: Fever Year will be making it’s return to Winston-Salem, North Carolina at the amazing and beautiful a/perture cinema as part of their r/ock & r/eel film series!

    We’re hitting the screen on Thursday, February 7th at 8pm.  Click the link for ticket info.